Video Marketing Strategy – Follow These Tips

We all have heard that there can’t be a better way to connect with your perspective customers than to communicate with them in person. Since that is not always possible on the net, a video can certainly do that job for you.

Video is pretty personal, and also engaging. Video marketing is the perfect way to keep your customers attention. Video is a fresh and hot class of content, yielding extraordinary results in terms of search engine marketing.

Here, we discuss a 3-step course to start out with creating an easy video marketing strategy, which could possibly help you to build your business.

Step 1 – How to get videos on your web page:
You have two options to get video on your website: host the video yourself or choose a 3rd party to do it for you and then embed the video on your site.
It is wise to choose a 3rd party to host your video, as hosting yourself usually requires that you have a multitude of technical assets at your disposal.
For selecting a 3rd party platform, choices are wide open: you can choose from YouTube, Fligz, and Brightcoveetc.

Step 2 – Defining the video marketing strategy
Now that you have made a choice to use video, the second move could be to decide if you would like to host the video on your site, the video-sharing portals or both.
We all know that web pages like YouTube, DailyMotion etc get a lot of traffic, so posting your video on one of those web pages means substantially more exposure. But there are drawbacks too; videos are watched on their web-site, not yours.
What you could do is to put mini videos on sharing web pages and detailed ones in your website. This would encourage users to visit to your website and uncover the rest.

Step 3 – optimizing
There are numerous ways to enhance your video marketing strategy.
Showcase your brand name in the video; give meaningful names to your video files for slightly better search engine marketing; put captions to your videos and generate compelling subject matter.

YouTube Marketing Strategy Presentation at Company Of Women video

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