Turbo Charge Your Video Marketing Strategy With Pinterest

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Pinterest seems like an unlikely boost to your video marketing strategy but it seems like your YouTube channel has a new secret weapon.

A year ago most people had never even heard of it but now it seems that Pinterest is a social media giant with it’s picture “pinning” social media experience. Instead of posting text posts or blogs, you “pin” pictures on a virtual pinboard based on categorized interests. You can check out my Pinterest site at http://pinterest.com/meloniedodaro to see an example of how I have decided to use it.

Photos Are Powerful On Pinterest

The influence of a great picture or thumbnail is proving to be very successful at driving traffic to websites but many people have yet to crack the Pinterest code.

As part of any video marketing strategy, you need to make sure you promote your videos in places that will get the most views by your target audience. Obvious places to start are your Facebook page, YouTube Channel, etc.

Pinterest is extremely popular with women between the ages of 22-47 and businesses that regularly post on Pinterest are seeing their video view counts increase by up to 300%. By posting a picture with a link that leads to a YouTube video, they are seeing this growth in periods as short as a few days.

A great Pinterest success story came from a wedding company that recently received orders for over 300 wedding cakes within hours of posting a picture of one of their cakes on Pinterest. They simply inserted a link to a video from a wedding they planned top to bottom, with special highlights on the cake itself.

Whatever your business model might be, you can leverage the power of Pinterest to give your video marketing strategy a serious boost. Start adding links to your YouTube videos along with your pinned posts to start cross promoting your social presence!

The pictures act as a catalyst to generate further interest in your business and can be a source of click-through traffic when there are high levels of interest. Keep this behavior in mind to ensure you are getting all the views you possibly can with your video marketing strategy.

Remember This One Thing

Make your top commitment to creating quality content that will provide your target market with the solutions they seek to their problems. Strive to consistently raise the bar in providing high value to your perfect customer. If you just rely on posting your advertisements on social media, I can guarantee you that it will not yield any favorable results!

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