PHP web development and its benefits

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed to build dynamic web pages quickly and easily.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor but originally it is the acronym for ‘Personal Home Page’.

There are a lot of advantages of using PHP applications for creating dynamic web pages.

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Free of cost

PHP is a free web development Language. You can download it for free. Be it for your personal use or professional purpose, you can use it totally free of cost. It can be freely used and modified.

Tried and tested

PHP is one of the oldest web development languages in use. It has undergone years of development and has remained for as many years in the market bagging the top honors.

Cost effective

PHP brings down your web server hosting cost. PHP applications are best compatible with Unix and Linux operating systems which are again open source, and free and brings down your deployment cost.

Easy to grasp

PHP is an easy to learn web development language. Few months are all that is required to get conversant in PHP and you can develop PHP projects in a surprisingly short time.

PHP Compatible with many databases

PHP is compatible with a number of databases including MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, IBM etc. MySQL is again a free database which will help you cut down on your development and deployment cost.

Compatible with many servers

It works well with almost all the web servers available in the market. Since it can be used on any operating system, it is easy to deploy, transfer and update.

Open source CMS developed by PHP

There a number of open source and powerful content management systems which are powered with the use of PHP. This can again bring down your cost for web application development.

Frameworks for PHP

There are many frameworks available in the market, which are powered by PHP and for PHP. Code Igniter and Zend are some of the many frameworks. These frameworks are used all across the globe by PHP developers to operate powerful PHP applications.

Famous is the word

Some of the world’s most famous and used websites are built using PHP web development language. Some of them are Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress etc. This shows that PHP can give tough competition to other languages like Java, C etc.

Support all across the globe

PHP Developers are available all across the globe and you can find enormous amount of support through forums and blogs on any issue with PHP web development. If that is not good enough for you, you can always hire a PHP developer.

Navigation Made Easy

Last but not the least; this programming language facilitates easy navigation. Not only this, it also allows faster downloading. This is one of the reasons which make PHP strike a chord with many web developers.

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Open Source Web Development is truly a developer’s choice!

Open source web development is one way in which you can build websites and launch your online business dreams within a very short period of time. Preference for open source is increasing, and why not – it is one of the most advantageous platforms in terms of features, time and money.

What else could an online business owner ask from a web development platform? Taking a look at the open source web development scenario it is definitely geared up for a promising future. It is one way in which customers, developers and business owners get exactly what they want.The very first promising feature is freedom.

Web designers, developers and website owners all enjoy the freedom from this development platform. The availability of source code is one major factors why this is a developer’s favorite.

Designers are happy for the freedom of voicing innovative features and getting them developed with great ease. Well, giving a website perfect feature, as desired is a website owner’s dream – and open source web development makes it possible.

Open source is one way in which developers can provide users with a lot of features

Second promising feature that open source web development offers is flexibility. This feature is most appealing to all web developers. This gives them lots of opportunities for customization.

Any feature can be modified and specially tailored as per the requirements of customers.

Only a developer understands how difficult it is to meet the ever increasing demands of customers. Every feature and every function needs to be modified and creatively crafted for customers. This is the task of an expert developer and open source makes it more possible. And in the end, customers are happy.

Well, scalability is one feature of open source that is appreciated by both developers and website owners. Scalability is one way in which you can develop features and add them at a later date to the existing product without tampering too much of the existing features.

With scalable open source, web developers offer extensive features and add ones to customers that add to the website usability. Being able to change the program after the product has been developed is a daunting task as all developers know. Well, with open source it is a cake walk! This is what makes all the difference and open source has gained a lot of popularity due to this one major factor.

Open source web development is a programmer’s favorite

Well, open source web development is a programmer’s delight, a website owner’s favourite, and provides a website visitor a great user experience. All this is only possible with the many features provided by the development platform.

It is not about the standardization or not about support, open source community is passionate about maintaining the standards in this platform and developing and including new abilities and yet maintaining it as a free to use development source.

It is truly a developer’s choice for developing excellent websites for your online business.

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