Case Study: Article Marketing As A Marketing Strategy

In this article we are going to look at the article marketing campaign I started September 30, 2009. Create a new article everyday for 100 days to see if I could increase traffic to my website ( and leads into to my business. This article is a review of the marketing strategy after 30 articles have been posted to evaluate the results and the strategy. Before we launch into our study, wewant to look at the steps that are required for this marketing campaign.

What are the steps in using Article Marketing as a Market Strategy? An article (original content) was created everyday for the last 27 days and posted on the MLMLeadSystemPro (MLSP) website. A video was made of each article announcing it to world and posted on YouTube (Channel IAmOneAverageJoe). The video was also posted using TrafficGeyser video upload service. Use Article Submiiter to help you rewrite the article into many versions and upload them to over 200 article directories to create an evn bigger impact. The article was also used a blog post on my blog ( It will take you some time to complete an average of three hours per day. What did we get for out time spent on this marketing campaign?

The results: 3 articles were posted on my MLSP website on September 5 and by September 30 they were viewed by 14 different people. More importantly no leads were generated from the marketing strategy. After additonal 24 days and 27 articles we have 2316 different people looking at our articles. That’s a 16,000% increase in traffic from the article campaign. But what about the leads? A total of 7 leads have been generated. The article are not the only avenue we used – our videos are driving traffic to our site, over five hundred more views. Google search results have not been as good. No articles or videos have been shown on Google’s 1st page of its search results. What can we draw from all these results?

We draw the following conclusions: article marketing is a slow process that takes a commitment to perform all the steps in the marketing strategy. A great low cost method to increase traffic to your sites. We have shown that with the number of unique visits to my MLSP website. Our traffic was also helped by uploading videos to video sharing sites. We are working on way to get more traffic from our videos. The YouTube channel only gets a few views per day right now. The Google search results need to be better and that will require additional training on keywords and subject matter. A better relationship between the articles and the keywords is an absolute must. Better keyword research for the articles that we are wrtitting will help. From what I have read so far, Specific keywords are needed to drive more targetted traffic to our site and videos.

Can you use article marketing to increae your site’s traffic? The results above so that it works as a marketing campaign. The end product of the campaing was to generate more traffic and leads. We are paying about $ 50 per month for the video upload service, bt we are getting more visitors to our site. The lead generation could be better (currently $ 7.25/lead) but this strategy is one of momentum. We are getting more people visiting our websites than when we started this campaign. That is simply because of the number of articles. At the sixty day mark we will have over 60 articles and we will track the daily increase in the traffic to compare. The commitment was for 100 days and I will stick with it to see how the final numbers work out. See you in 30 days.

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